About the Journal

Proceeding ADRI International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research eISSN 2988-053X

ADRI International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research (IC ADRI) provides a forum for researchers, academicians, professionals, and students worldwide from various interdisciplinary fields of work to interact and disseminate the latest issues and researches.

The conference covers the topics but not limited to Mathematics, Science, and Technology, Education Management and Development, Law, Technology, and Arts Development, Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Health Sciences, Public Management, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Environment and Natural Resources, Gender and Development, Engineering and other related topics. IC ADRI invites scholars and encourages researchers to submit high-quality manuscripts and papers to this conference.

IC ADRI is an annual conference organized by Association Ahli and Dosen Republik Indonesia. The conference activities were also held in different regions. The best and selected papers will be forwarded for consideration to be submitted in the Scopus dan SINTA Indexed Journals.

Proceeding ADRI International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research is an international, peer-reviewed proceeding publishing articles. Welcomes submissions of the following article types: (1) Papers: reports of high-quality original research with conclusions representing a significant advance, novelty or new finding in the field; (2) Topical Reviews: written by leading researchers in their fields, these articles present the background to and overview of a particular field, and the current state of the art. Topical Reviews are normally invited by the Editorial Board; (3) Comments: comment or criticism on work previously published in the journal. These are usually published with an associated Reply.

Proceeding ADRI International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research publishes two issues per year (June and December), published by Perkumpulan Ahli dan Dosen Republik Indonesia, and published in English.