Spiritual Capital as a Generator of Fighting Spirit Library Officers of the Deaf at Adil Ka'talino Bengkayang State Special School (SLBN)


  • Amanda Octa Karolina Shantibhuana Institute
  • Helena Anggraeni Tjondro Sugianto Shantibhuana Institute
  • Pramatatya Rendra Widya Shantibhuana Institute


Spiritual Capital, employee performance


A good librarian is someone who is able to manage the library in accordance with the rules that apply to support education. The librarian who works at SLBN Adil Ka'talino Bengkayang is deaf. This condition will hinder interaction and communication in the surrounding environment. Employees are needed who are able to work well in order to create a comfortable work environment. This study aims to describe the role of spiritual capital in arousing the morale of the deaf librarian at SLBN Adil Ka'talino Bengkayang, and to determine the increase in morale as a work motivation. Realizing that persons with disabilities are expected to have equal opportunities in all aspects of life. This study uses a qualitative method with an ethnographic approach. Data collection was obtained through observation, in-depth interviews, and documentation. The results of this study indicate that behind the physical deficiencies and obstacles he experiences there is great empathy towards school students, most of whom are ABK (children with special needs). spiritual capital that helps him in fighting spirit to improve performance at work.


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