Leadership Integrity Which Provides Jobs For YouthIn Tourist Setanga Lestari


  • Meylin Dewanie Shantibhuana Institute
  • Helena Anggraeni Tjondro Sugianto Shantibhuana Institute


Integrity leadership, spiritual capital, community development.


Leadership with integrity is an important factor in creating employment for young people in the sustainable tourism sector. Semi-sustainable tourism, a destination based on tourism _ on the principle of sustainability, requires leaders who have high integrity.To achieve this goal. This research was conducted with the aim of finding out how the role of leadership integrity can generate employment for young people in the Serangan Lestari tourism. This research was conducted using qualitative research methods with an ethnographic approach. This approach is carried out to see the cultural characteristics contained in individuals or groups, thus the researcher mixes with the object under study. In the context of semi-sustainable tourism, leadership integrity will help create an inclusive and supportive work environment, as well as strengthen the image of the tourist destination. Leaders with high integrity will set a good example for employees who keep the environment clean and carry out tourism activities that pay attention to environmental impacts. going forward. This will increase the potential for even greater development in the sustainable tourism sector .


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