Design and Build of a Solar Power Plants (PLTS) System as a Submersible Water Pump Power Supply


  • Abdul Zain Balikpapan University
  • Suratno State Polytechnic
  • Isradi Zainal Balikpapan University


PLTS, Solar Charge Controller, Power Inverter, VRLA Battery, Submersible Water Pump


Solar Power Plants (PLTS) are very good for using in Indonesia which has a potential solar radiation intensity of 207.8 GW and has practical systems and installations. The number of PLTS users in Indonesia continues to increase, especially on the household scale. However, most people are faced with various kinds of problems about how to choose solar panels and components that have good quality. This research was conducted to design, know and be able to test the quality of solar panels by comparing the voltage, current, and power generated by the panels. The parameters used as benchmarks in measurement are the temperature on the surface of the solar panel and the irradiation of sunlight to know the performance and calculate the value of the efficiency of the solar panel. Based on the references and references used, the results of this design use two monocrystaline solar panels of 320 Wattpeak with a water pump load of ± 350 W. The greatest solar energy conversion efficiency obtained is 37.64% and the smallest conversion efficiency is 9.91 %. With an average energy conversion efficiency is calculated between 18.46% to 20.62%. The efficiency of the submersible water pump supplied by the system is 77.3%. This design is expected to be able to help readers in the learning process and can be a reference in the planning process.


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