Study of the Operation and Maintenance System of Solar Power Plant (PLTS) and Diesel Power Plant (PLTD)


  • Isradi Zainal Balikpapan University
  • Abdul Zain Balikpapan University
  • Suratno State Polytechnic


Solar Power Plant, Diesel Power Plant, Maintenance, Optimization


The provision of electricity on Malahing Island, Bontang City, has been accomplished by utilizing electrical energy sources from solar power plants and diesel power plants. This research discusses the operation and maintenance of solar and diesel power plants situated on Malahing Island and the specific components of these plants that relate to electrical issues. The results of this study indicate that the solar power plant has a capacity of 15 kWp, whereas the diesel power plant has the ability to generate a maximum of 10 kilowatts of energy. The electrical energy produced by these sources will be distributed among a load comprising 43 residential units, and Each residential unit will have a power consumption limitation of 400 watts, and 37 public street lights will be powered, utilizing LED lights rated at 10 watts. Furthermore, various public amenities such as mosques, toilets, and community centers will also receive a supply of electricity. The residents of Malahing Island will receive electricity from the solar power plants during the morning and afternoon hours as the battery is incapable of storing energy. Subsequently, the diesel power plant will serve as a backup energy source to provide electricity from the afternoon until night.


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