The Effect Of Corporate Social Responsibility And Good Corporate Governance On Sustainability Company


  • friska Debi Shantibhuana Institute
  • Jones Parlindungan Nadapdap Shantibhuana Institute
  • Novensius Boboy Shantibhuana Institute
  • alin Shantibhuana Institute
  • Herlina Veronika Shantibhuana Institute


Sustainability company, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility


The company's performance in managing the environment is an important factor so that the business can be maintained and provides an important role for the company to gain profits. A green company is everyone's obligation to maintain business continuity by managing the company's environment so that the company's commitment to dealing with economic problems requires stakeholder involvement with the concepts of people, profit and planet. The company's concern in paying attention to environmental sustainability is needed, especially for long-term company development so that if the company does not pay attention to environmental sustainability it can have a negative impact on the environment and surrounding communities so that the role of corporate social responsibility and corporate governance is needed to prevent losses. company. This study uses a quantitative analysis approach by analyzing company data of 10 companies using panel data in the last five years. The best panel data regression models will be selected, namely CEM, FEM, and REM and will be tested using the Chow test, Hausman test and Lagrange multiplier test. The results of the study using the CEM model and the Lagrange multiplier test show that corporate social responsibility and board size has a significant effect, while managerial ownership, institutional ownership, independent board of commissioners and audit committee have no significant effect.


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