Forest Damage Revitalization Concept Through Local Wisdom (MLD) Maja Labo Dahu


  • Furkan Jakarta State University


Environmental Revitalization, Maja Labo Dahu, Local Wisdom, Forest Damage


This article describes the handling of environmental damage (environmental damage) in forest areas. The concept of environmental revitalization is based on the local wisdom of the Bima ( Mbojo ) community, namely _Maja Labo Dahu _ (MLD) is one of the offers in describing forest damage. The values of _Maja Labo Dahu _ themselves are the cultural wealth of the Bima people, one of whose values is that nature is a living area that must be guarded and preserved by the whole community. But currently, the forests and nature in Bima tend to suffer damage. In 2018, the West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Provincial Forestry Service noted that the total forest area damaged by forest encroachment or cultivation, illegal logging, illegal logging and mining amounted to 896 thousand hectares. Details of damage to the virgin forest that was exposed reached 597 and around 316 hectares were damaged and the most critical areas for forest conditions were located on Sumbawa Island, namely Bima and Dompu Regencies , where around 35-40 percent of the forest area was damaged. In order to describe the local wisdom of MLD and forest destruction in Bima. In this article using the theory of biocentrism. The assumption of this theory is that biocentrism considers that nature and the environment are a unified whole and the impact of damage to nature is borne by humans. While the research method in this article is ethnography. Ethnographic research is related to the customs and culture of the community, with data collection techniques by means of which the researcher is immersed in and enters the cultural customs and habits of the research object. The results of his research found that the preservation or revitalization of forests based on customary forests can describe the current damage to forests and the environment. So that in conclusion the MLD value forms the concept of customary forest enabling each individual to consider the community's own source of life, namely the nature in their actions. MLD forms interpersonal relationships that can prevent forest destruction with massive patterns of cooperation through institutions and individuals. So MLD in revitalizing forest destruction is relevant to the concept of biocentrism.


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