The Role of Youth in The Preservation of Indonesian Culture Through Traditional Clothing Rental Business Activities in Border Area


  • Yulita Magdalena Student, Entrepreneurship Shanti Bhuana Institute
  • Yeremia Niaga Atlantika Lecturer, Entrepreneurship Shanti Bhuana Institute
  • Shanti Veronica Br Siahaan Lecturer, Entrepreneurship Shanti Bhuana Institute
  • Lanata Natalia Student, Entrepreneurship Shanti Bhuana Institute
  • Emiliana Sukasih Student, Entrepreneurship Shanti Bhuana Institute


In the era of globalization, it is very easy for individuals to get information that affects life, especially for young people, many influences are caused by the entry of foreign cultures through internet media. An example is the tendency of young people to follow the trend of dressing like Korean artists, which originated with the presence of k-pop and Korean dramas. Even so, it turns out that there are still young people who care about diversity, especially traditional clothing and make it a business idea with a noble purpose. This study aims to find out what efforts are made by youth in border areas in cultural preservation activities through traditional clothing rental business activities. The type of research used is a descriptive qualitative research method through the stages of observation, interviews and documentation on 2 research objects on the border of West Kalimantan, Bengkayang district, namely the Pabayo studio and Toya' Dayu'. The results obtained from this research are: (1) making traditional clothes a business opportunity by forming groups consisting of young people (2) creating designs that combine traditional and modern motifs (3) carrying out various marketing communication strategies, especially by utilizing the internet as media social media and websites as well as word of mouth marketing (4) establishing partnerships with schools and organizations. This research is expected to encourage the younger generation to take advantage of cultural diversity as a business opportunity while at the same time carrying out the mission of introducing Indonesia's diversity to the world.


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